How To Get 5 to 25 leads per month using LinkedIn

Learn the skills that took me from charging $7 per hour to closing over 5 figure deals consistently

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You don't need to learn more 'influencer' tactics to get business from LinkedIn, you need a proven process on how to get leads

You have probably noticed it yourself over the last few years that LinkedIn has changed, now everyone wants attention for their business.

It has become so busy on the platform it's actually hard to stand out now.

Everyone is using the 'newest hack' to manipulate the algorithm into giving them more views

But they all forget one thing, each 'hack' has a time limit on it.

One day it works, the next day it doesn't.

And this approach isn't sustainable for your business.

Which is why in my course, I'm going to be teaching you timeless strategies that have continually built successful businesses that you can directly apply to LinkedIn to get leads.

Why invest in LinkedIn Foundations?


Proven Methods

From understanding how LinkedIn works to getting your first lead, everything is covered. It doesn't matter if you want to get clients or grow your own business, LinkedIn Foundations will help you.


Guided Tutorials

Simply watch the videos in the members area using any device connected to the internet. Downloadable templates and scripts are also included so you can always learn on the go. You can spend years collecting all the necessary skills and knowledge alone OR get everything in one convenient place and kick start your lead gen on LinkedIn here.


Cheat Sheets

Learn the exact things to say in LinkedIn message, everything from opening the conversation with an idea prospect to what to say to move the conversation offline.


Case studies

Actual walkthroughs of me finding a lead on LinkedIn and moving them all the way to a phone conversation, including screenshots and video walkthroughs.

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I distilled thousands of hours of learning and years of failing into a single course that teaches you all of the most effective techniques to get leads and clients from LinkedIn.

Hi, I'm Rob!

I have helped thousands of people with LinkedIn strategies through my content across multiple platforms.

And now I want to help you get started with getting leads from LinkedIn.

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